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Spring 2020


This video series explores key Colorado River management issues with key managers across the basin. Video discussions in the table on the next page are presented in the order they were recorded. Topics include river ecosystems, California, Upper Basin, Tribal, and Federal perspectives, as well as future hydrology and climate. Each video runs for 60 to 90 minutes. Speakers start by describing how they got to the place they are professionally. There are prepared remarks and questions and answers from participants who attended at the time the video was recorded. Links to suggested readings are provided. Click the VIDEO url to access the video. Several early videos are no longer available but slides are provided. Asynchronous discussion prompts for select videos are noted in the far right column of the table and appear below the table. This series was produced during April and early May 2020 as part of the courses CEE 6490 Integrated River Basins Watershed Planning and Management and WATS 6330/5330 Large River Management at Utah State University co-taught by David Rosenberg and Jack Schmidt. The video series was produced as an alternative to a multi-day field trip to Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry and face-to-face meetings with stakeholders that was canceled because of university travel restrictions imposed on March 11, 2020.

Additional videos have been produced after May 2020 and are available at

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