Scanning Electron Microscopy


Fluids trapped in inclusions in minerals are micro-amounts of ore-forming media composed of water, dissolved salts, gases and sometimes liquefied gases, liquid, hydrocarbons and solids. The aim of this paper is to summarize the contribution of the Raman scattering microspectrometry to the knowledge of fluid inclusions. After a review of the composition of fluid inclusions and a short presentation of microthermometrical investigations, a description of the Raman microprobe is given. Applications are reviewed; identification of ionic species dissolved in aqueous phase, characterization of gases of C-O-H-N-S system, identification of solids and non aqueous liquids. The complementary characteristics of Raman microanalysis and microthermometry are underlined. The last section is devoted to comparisons with other microprobes from the point of view of chemical and mineralogical analysis of fluid inclusions.

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