Scanning Electron Microscopy


A new stroboscopic technique for the observation of periodic phenomena at low frequencies (10 -100 Hz) in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is developed in the present study. This new technique is based on the line-sampling stroboscopy instead of the point-sampling stroboscopy which has been commonly used for the dynamic observation at high frequencies (> 1 kHz). In this stroboscopy, a multi-frame display with the individual stroboscopic image at different phase can be easily introduced with no reduction of the detection efficiency.

The main application of the present stroboscopy at low frequencies is the dynamic observation of magnetic domains. In this case, high voltage scanning electron microscopy is very effective to increase the magnetic contrast as pointed out by several workers. According to this, dynamic observation of Fe-Si 3% single crystals under a drive field of line frequency (60 Hz) using a 200 kV high voltage SEM (JSEM-200, JEOL Co. Ltd.) is achieved in this paper, as a typical application of this new stroboscopy. From these dynamic observation, it is concluded that this new technique is a very useful tool to analyze the dynamic property of magnetic materials in practical use.

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