Scanning Electron Microscopy


The intracellular structure of the outer hair cells of the normal guinea pig organ of Corti was investigated three dimensionally by scanning electron microscope. Freeze fracturing technique followed by maceration with a 0.1% OsO4 solution (osmic maceration method) was used. Among the cell organelles, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) showed the most interesting features, such as subsurface cisternae and lamellar bodies. The subsurface cisterna which formed a stratiform network covered the inner surface of the cell membrane and the stratiform structure disappeared at the infranuclear region. Variously shaped mitochondria (spherical, cylindrical and branched) were found on the innermost layer of the subsurface cisterna. The lamellar body which was located beneath the cuticular plate consisted of dilated cisternae and tubular ER and was surrounded by mitochondria. The tubular ER of the lamellar body were continuous with the subsurface cisterna.

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