Scanning Electron Microscopy


Eggs of Trichuris trichiura were prepared for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) by the dimethylsulfoxide freeze-cracking method. The egg-shell and oocyte were examined by SEM. The egg has a chitinous shell which consists of more than 10 layers of dense lamellae. The shell is bordered by a limiting membrane. An operculum and a collar made of chitinous shell together form the opercular area. The operculum is an empty cavity. The chitinous fibers of the egg-shell in this area are diffuse and loose, with numerous micropores or spaces. The egg-shell in this area therefore appears to form a fine tubular network. The oocyte is an undifferentiated cell with a biconcave drum-like shape. The perivitelline space is conspicuous at both ends of the cell.

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