Scanning Electron Microscopy


Fully quantitative X-ray microanalysis of freeze dried frozen sections allowed the concentration of monovalent ions in the nuclei of mouse thymocytes in tissue sections to be compared with those from thymocytes which had been isolated by a simple preparation procedure. Isolated cells showed increased concentrations of Na and Cl. This was further investigated in the rat where the size of the thymus a 11 owed comparison between different isolation media using cells derived from the same animal. Use of autologous serum as the final suspending medium gave reproducible results, whereas with suspension in BSS, or 20% dextran the results were more variable. When the results obtained for the cells isolated in serum were compared with values for tissue thymocytes elevated levels of Na and Cl were still apparent although these were not as great as the differences recorded for the mouse. The effect of the drop in temperature which occurs during the isolation procedure could not account for the observed differences.

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