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In the fall of 2018, six students in Dr. Jennifer Sinor’s Special Topics in Creative Writing class conducted interviews with visiting writers who came to campus that semester. Each student turned their thirty-minute interview into a podcast that focused on the writing life: the creative process, writing difficulties, and the writer’s story. This podcast series not only allowed listeners to learn more about these authors’ journeys and books but also about different aspects of being a creative writer, such as education and training, writing inspiration, writing techniques, the road to publication, and the importance of writing for both the writer and their readers.



Interview with Tyler Whitesides, Ben Bowen

Interview with Jill Bowers, McKay Duffin

Interview with Star Coulbrooke, Zac Lyon

Interview with Ben Gunsberg, Spencer Skeen

Interview with William Trowbridge, Amber Stearns

Interview with Theo Van Alst, Abigail Stewart