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Spring 2006

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In the interest of full disclosure, Professor Oehlschlaeger identifies his purpose and intended audience at the outset of the book: "This study seeks to articulate a particular moral vision, a Christian one, and discover what it entails for reading texts." This Christian moral vision is one "marked by the specific convictions of a body of people formed by the history of Israel, Jesus, and the Church" (3), (Oehlschlaeger never specifies which church he means by this, but his appeals to the authority of Pope John Paul II and neo-Thomist philosophers and theologians Alisdair MacIntyre and Stanley Hauerwas are suggestive, as is his dismissal of non-Trinitarian religious perspectives as "Gnosticism.") Readers who share these convictions will find Love and Good Reasons edifying, but those who do not, though equally interested in the relationship between ethics and literature, might be better served by reading the critics with whom Oehlschlaeger takes issue here: J. Hillis Miller, Wayne Booth, and Martha Nussbaum, to name a few.


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