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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Barton L. Smith


A thesis on the study of the frequency response of a pneumatic system designed to provide pulsed flow for flow control applications is presented. The system consists of a high pressure air source, a high-frequency solenoid valve, a length of tube and a minor loss. The experiment mimics the pneumatic drive for our Coanda-Assisted Spray Manipulation actuator and applies to many flow control applications involving pulsed flow. Square wave signals of various frequency are fed to the solenoid valve. The flow at the exit of the system is measured with a single hot wire and compared to steady flow through the same geometry. The effect of the inlet pressure, tube length and the size of the minor loss is evaluated. These data are modeled using a Transmission Matrix Model. (60 pages)


Publication made available electronically January 24, 2012.