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Master of Science (MS)




Renee V. Galliher


This study examined relationships between acculturation and acculturative stress, as well as links to self-esteem, depression, and substance use related problems of Latina/o adolescents. Self-report data were collected from 206 Latina/o adolescents in three public high schools in a small city in the Western United States. Different patterns were observed for Latino males and females in their acculturation processes and experiences of acculturative stress as they relate to psychosocial functioning. Experiences of acculturative stress are found to be the driving force that predicts the psychosocial functioning for these Latina/o adolescents, especially for Latino males. For Latino males, experiences of acculturative stress were related to lower self-esteem and higher depression. For Latinas, experiences of acculturative stress were related to higher depression scores. Tests of moderation and mediation suggested that pathways to psychosocial outcomes may be best understood in Latino youth by examining the interplay between acculturation levels and acculturative stress experiences. (114 pages)


Publication made available electronically January 24, 2012.

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