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Master of Science (MS)



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Karl R. White


Karl R. White


By law and according to conventional practice. individual psychoeducational testing is an essential part of the identification and placement process of handicapped students. However, evidence reported in the literature suggests that testing results, especially in the form of testing reports, are rarely fully utilized.

This study was conducted at Intermountain Intertribal School at Brigham City, Utah and demonstrated a method of collecting objective data about the use of psychoeducational testing reports as well as the opinions and suggestions of staff members who used them. More specifically, this study documented:

1. Who the primary users of testing reports were and for what purposes the reports were used.

2. The clarity, accuracy, utility and adequacy of the reports as perceived by staff members.

3. The extent to which reports provided users with unique information about the student being evaluated.

4. The specificity, reality, applicability, and usefulness of the report recommendations as perceived by staff members.

In spite of the fact that respondents generally found the reports to be free from jargon and judged the reports to be useful in preparing the student's educational program, results indicate that the testing results were used almost exclusively in the placement of the student and preparation of the student's individual education plan. Specific problems were noted in the writing and editing of the reports and recommendations for increasing the use and usefulness of testing reports are given.




Publication made available electronically February 1, 2012.