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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Leonard J. Arrington


The Hyrum Project is located in northern Utah near the Cache County seat of Logan, and includes lands bordering the towns of Hyrum, Wellsville, and Mendon, Utah. The primary features of the project include a dam and reservoir on the Little Bear River, and three canals that total slightly more than 20 miles in length. Its principal purpose is to provide supplemental irrigation water to 6,800 acres of fertile land.

This project is the result of several investigations relative to the improvement of water utilization in Cache County. A report prepared in 1922 entitled, "Report on the Utilization of the Land and Water Resources of Cache Valley, Utah," stimulated interest and concern over the insufficient water supply. Beginning with this report, and until the final approval of the project in 1933, various county, state, and federal agencies worked together to devise a feasible method of increasing the supply of irrigation water in Cache Valley.


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