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Master of Science (MS)




Willard Gardner


The reclamation of water-logged land by suitable yet inexpensive forms of drainage is becoming a problem of constantly increasing magnitude. A fairly large portion of the extensive land areas, once considered as worthless has proved to be valuable by the introduction of proper drainage systems. Land areas, in which drainage in its simpler forms has proved inadequate, could perhaps be made valuable were it possible to develop an inexpensive yet effective form of drainage.

This paper has been prepared primarily for a consideration of poorly drained land areas and a possible means of their reclamation by a suitable choice and distribution of wells. We shall review a few of the fundamental concepts of soil gydro-dynamics and attempt to give to these concepts a practical application in a special case described hereafter.

As a preface to the following developments it may be instructive to consider, incidentally, the source and sphere of ground water; also its intimate relation to surface saturation of water-logged land.