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Educational Specialist (EdS)




Gretchen Peacock


This study was designed to present descriptive data from a survey of 201 school psychologists. Psychologists completed a survey addressing current practices for determining placement for students with ADHD including the role of school psychologists in determining placement, how often and who monitors services, where students are served, and what services are provided in each setting. Findings indicated that psychologists were involved less frequently in placement decisions and evaluation for Section 504 than in Special Education. Students with 504 plans received less frequent follow-up than students in Special Education. Results indicated that schools were generally following federal guidelines and recommendations from researchers for placement decisions, at least when the school psychologist was involved. Overall, service patterns for Section 504 and Special Education were similar; however, all interventions were reported more frequently in Special Education. Data indicated that empirically supported interventions may be underutilized in both settings for students with ADHD.