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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics


Utah's position among the great commonwealths depends to some extent upon the degree of development of the agricultural industry of the state. But as a producer of wealth, the mining industry exceeds agriculture. The total annual value of Utah farm products is about $39,000,000 while the total output from the mines is valued at $82,663,000. The operation of the mines, reduction mills, and smelters necessitate the employment of a large number of people who swell the population of the state, and consume a large part of the agricultural products. Utah, which is an inland state, possessing, as yet, few large manufacturing enterprises, finds the markets afforded by the motel industry a decided advantage to the farm producer. On the other hand, the interest of all phases of metal ventures are furthered by the prosperous agricultural communities. Agriculture and metal production, the two great industries of this region, are naturally helpful, and aid in the development of the state.



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