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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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A. Alvin Bishop


A. Alvin Bishop


The inadequacy of water and power supplies in Utah for agriculture, for industry, for domestic and community consumption has retarded the State's economic growth. Shortages of water and hyroelectric power are the principle impediments to the full realization of other potentials of Utah, that is, the full use of its arable lands, the wide and diversified use of its industrial raw materials, and the unrestricted development of its communities. The problem of securing additional sources of water and power has resolved itself into one of major concern. The objective of this study was to determine unit values of consuptive use of water by the major crops (alfalfa, small grains, and pasture) in the Ashley and Ferron Creek Areas of Utah. The consumptive use by the individual field crops was based on measurements of the depletion of moisture in the soil. Evapo-transpiration tank experiments were conducted in Ashley Valley throught the growing season and the volumes of water consumed were measured directly. Yield data were obtained from field samples and comparisons between yield and consumptive use were observed.