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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Physical Education

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H. B. Hunsaker


H. B. Hunsaker


W. Whitney Smith


Lawrence S. Bee


LeGrande G. Noble


Elizabeth A. Dutton


Much criticism has been directed at the physical educators in most of our public schools regarding their methods of determining pupil marks for participation in physical education classes. This criticism has come from many sources. It has come from physical educators, educators, pupils, and the general public. This study is important in a number of ways. First, the leading physical educators of Utah are making an effort at the present time to gain the same recognition for physical education as is given to the academic subjects in the high schools of the state. The cause for which these physical educators are striving might possilby be struck an "acute blow" should this study reveal that the factors used by the male physical educators consist purely of attendance and conformity to rules and regulations. Second, the results of this study should reveal the specific marking factors used by the authorities reviewed, and the male directors concerned in this study. This information would then show what both authorities and directors use as a basis for determining pupil marks. Third, the comparisons drawn in this study between those factors used by the directors and those factors used and advocated by certain accepted leaders in the field should show vital information as follows: (1) where the male directors in our high schools get the marking factors upon which they mak, and (2) whether or not certain leaders in the field of physical education are influencing the choice of marking factors used by the physical educators in our high schools. Fourth, the results of this study should be of importance to the state Department of Public Instruction. This department should be able to determine from these results whether or not the male physical educators in the various high schools of the State are using the marking factors as advocated by the State Course of Study for Physical Education in the Secondary Schools of Utah. Fifth, the administrators in the high schools of Utah could use these results to determine how closely their directors are using marking factors which confrom to the aims and objectives of education in general.