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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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E. A. Jacobsen


E. A. Jacobsen


John C. Carlisle


Joseph N. Symons


David R. Stone


Lawrence E. Bee


The fact that young people have many varied and perplexing problems is recognized by leading educators. It is also recognized that the problems of these young people should be taken into consideration when formulating educational objectives and planning the curriculum for the schools. Recently the Cache County School System inaugurated a guidance service in the North Cache High School. The purpose of the service is to more adequately help the students solve their many and varied problems. In order to do a better job of helping the students, it is felt that it will be of assistance to find out what some of these problems are, the effort students have put forth to solve them, and the agencies that have been most helpful in the solution of them. There is special concern with the role the school has played in helping students with their problems. The information collected may aid in setting up the objectives for the guidance program and may possibly be a step towards general curriculum improvement. It is felt that the best method for the purpose of this study is that of securing directly from the students their own opinion regarding their problems. the purpose of this study, thus, as actually three-fold; first, to find out what students think their problems are; second, to determine how much effort the feel they have to put forth to solve these problems; third, to discover what agencies they feel have been most hepful in the soution of these problems. With this information it is felt that the guidance service and the school can serve the students more adequately.