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Master of Science (MS)


Plants, Soils, and Climate

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W. S. Boyle


W. S. Boyle


A. H. Homgren


The western North American species of the genus Geranium have never been satisfactorily clarified. The perennial, indigenous species of this interesting group have been particularly confusing. One important reason for confusion in this group is the fact that the taxonomic problems of the perennial species have never been studied from the genetic point of view. A sound delimitation of specific and subspecific boundaries and phylogenetic relationships cannot be achieved without the application of cyto-genetic principles.

In respect to the cytological phase of this study, the author has placed emphasis on chromosome numbers in order to show evidences for and possible origin of polyploidy. Detailed chromosome morphology has not been attempted because of the very small size of the chromosomes.

This study has been limited to the Wasatch region. this area represents a natural geographical unit which is small enough to permit a detailed field study of the group and yet provide a wide range of habitats, both ecologic and geographic. This region forms the western front of the Rocky Mountain province and extends 200 miles south from the great bend in the Bear river at Soda springs, Idaho, to the pass south of Mt. Nebo and east of Nephi, Utah.



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