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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




J.R. Dennison


Theoretical formulations of secondary electron emission over the past 20 years have exceeded the confirming ability of available measurements. An instrument has been developed and tested for the purpose of obtaining simultaneous angle- and energy-resolved (AER) secondary and backscattered electron measurements for energetic electrons incident on conducting surfaces. The instrument is found to be in good working order and the data quality found to be excellent for nearly all angles and energies investigated. A representative set of AER measurements has been acquired for 1500 e V electrons normally incident on polycrystalline gold. The data have been used to construct angle-resolved (AR) spectra and energy-resolved (ER) angular distributions, which have been examined both as surface plots and cross sections. Analysis of the measurements strongly suggests that secondary electrons comprise the bulk of emitted electrons at energies much greater than the traditionally accepted maximum secondary electron energy of 50 eV. Additional evidence suggests the ability to investigate dominant secondary and backscattered electron production mechanisms in several energy domains.

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