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Master of Science (MS)


Watershed Sciences

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Agricultural Engineering

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Steve H. Milligan


Steve H. Milligan


One of the important elements in the cycle of water movement from the time it falls on the surface of the land as rain or snow until it reaches the ocean, is evapo-transpiration or consumptive use of water. This subject is becoming increasingly more important, particularly in the irrigated regions of the West. It involves problems of water supply, both surface and underground, as well as those of management and general economics of irrigation projects. The purpose of this study was to obtain basic information regarding the consumptive use of water by standard crops in the Upper Colorado River Area of Utah. This information is needed to determine the flow depletion at Lee's ferry resulting from diversions from the river in the basin above. From these data, it will be possible to estimate the water supply available for future development and to predict the water supply needs for individual projects which may be proposed. in addition, the consumptive use data may well be used as a vasis for adjudication of water rights or arbitration of controversies over major stream-systems where the public welfare of valleys, states, and even nations is involved.