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Master of Science (MS)


Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences


Roice H. Anderson


Turkey production in Utah is one of the most important farm enterprises of the state. In 1945, 11.5 percent of the total farm cash income of the state was from the turkey enterprise. In 1946, 9.4 percent came from this source. Turkey production made up 8.9 percent of the total cash income from farm enterprises in 1944; 5.8 percent in 1945; 4.9 percent in 1940; 1.7 percent in 1935; and 1.3 percent in 1930. The objectives of this study were: (1) to ascertain charges for processing and hauling turkeys from the farm to the processing plants; (2) to determine the average and variation in size and grad of hen and tom turkeys processed by grower and plant; (3) to ascertain where Utah turkeys were marketed in 1947-48 and (4) to determine the average and variation in prices received by Utah growers for turkeys in1947-48.