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Master of Science (MS)


Biological and Irrigation Engineering


Vaughn E. Hansen


Drainage problem Logan-Cache Airport is situated approximately 4 miles northwest of Logan, Utah, in sections 8, 9, 16, and 17, Township 12 north, Range 1 east, of Salt Lake Base and Meridian. The area of approximately 200 acres is a part of what is known as cache County Drainage District No.2. This district in itself contains more than 8,400 acres of waterlogged lands. Drainage of the se lands has, for many years, been a baffling and unsolved problem, complicated by 3 factors: (a) The whole of the valley in this area is underlain by an artesian ground-water reservoir. (b) The artesian aquifer is overlain by a layer of heavy clay of very lo~ permeability, ranging in depth from 40 to 70 feet. (c) Human relations with farmers within the area , who consider that drainage will deprive them of their plentiful groundwater Supply.