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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources


Jessop B. Low


Wildlife management has been defined as lithe manipulation of wild populations of vertebrate animals in their relation to man and his interests" Wildlife management, then, could not exist in the absence ot either wildlife or humans. Converting this idea to the waterfowl situation, we can say that there are no waterfowl problems other than as they exist in the minds of men. (Wil1s, 1951) These words by the Chief of the IllinoIs Natural History Survey precede a plea for fundamental facts and a basic understanding of waterfowl upon which sound management can in turn be based. l"or only through sound management can the waterfowl problems created by and existing in the minds of men be solved. Furthermore, an analysis of the whole requires an understanding of its components. These ideas focus attention on the individual species of waterfowl and further narrow attention to specific problems and specific areas.