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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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John C. Carlisle


John C. Carlisle


This research project endeavors to supply the need for a vocabulary testing device for the admittance and guidance of entering freshman students at Utah State Agricultural College at Logan, Utah. The need is for a test designed specifically to predict possibilities of success in courses which incoming students encounter and in which they are required to progress at a rate considered satisfactory according to college standards. The program followed in this study is two-fold: (1) to develop a vocabulary test, and (2) to verify the sucess of this test as a predictor of grade-point averages. The testing device herein developed is intended specifically to predict grade-point averages for students in their freshman year at Utah State Agricultural College. The vocabulary test presented in this thesis is proposed to be once component of a comprehensive college-entrance examination. In developing the test, it seemed desirable that each of the fields of study required in the lower division of the college, i.e., social science, exact science, natural science, and language and arts, be represent adequately in the vocabulary testing. Development of the test is based upon the hypothesis that a vocabulary test made up of words chosen from the above indicated four areas of study, that discriminate successful from unsuccessful students in specific classes in those areas, can be used effectively in predicting the college grade-point averages of students for their freshman year. This test is designed to predict grade-point averages for entering freshman at Utah State Agricultural college, although it may also be valid for students of class ranks other than freshmen.