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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


E. A. Jacobsen


It is the purpose of this study to gather data concerning the frequency of occurrence, and the degree of desirability is the judgement of teachers, of selected administrative practices in the secondary schools of Utah, and to present the data in a way that will make them meaninful to those interested in the imporvement of administering schools. The study deals with selected administrative practices in terms of : (a) department and school budgets and extra-curricular funds, (b) classrooms, teaching aids and supplies, (c) supervision and other methods of improving instruction, (d) methods of keeping the public informed about the shcools, (e) class schedules, assignment of rooms, subjects and extra duties, course of study, books, trips and length of period, and (f) standards for employment, salaries, rating, and other factors affecting the teacher.