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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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Ernest A. Jacobsen


Ernest A. Jacobsen


The Committee on Curriculum Planning and Development of the National Association of Secondary School Principals has published a list of 10 objectives for secondary schools, known as the Ten Common and Essential Needs That All Youth Have in a Democratic Society. They are generally referred to as The Ten Imperative Needs of Youth. 1: All youth need to develop saleable skills and those understandings and attitudes that make the worker an intelligent and productive participant in economic life. To this end, most youth need supervised work experience as well as education in the skills and knowledge of their occupation. 2: All youth need to develop and maintain good health and physical fitness. 3: All youth need to understand the rights and duties of the citizen of a democratic society, and to be diligent and competent in the performance of their obligations as members of the community and citizens of the state and nation. 4: All youth need to understand the significance of the family for the individual and society and the conditions conducive to successful family life. 5: All youth need to know how to purchase and use goods and services intelligently, understanding both the values received by the consumer and the economic consequences of their acts. 6: All youth need to understand the methods of science, the influence of science on human life, and the main scientific facts concerning the nature of the world and of man. 7: All youth need opportunities to develop their capacities to appreciate beauty in literature, art, music, and nature. 8: All youth need to be able to use their leisure time well and to budget it wisely, balancing activities that yield satisfaction to the individual with those that are socially useful. 9: All youth need to develop respect for other persons, to grow in their insight into ethical values and principles, and to be able to live and work cooperatively with others. 10: All youth need to grow in their ability to think rationally, to express their thoughts clearly, and to read and listen with understanding. This study surveys and attempts to evaluate the current practices of the Logan City High School program in the light of local philosophy of the school; summarizes these views, and makes recommendations for continuous development of the curriculum improvement program.