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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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H. B. Hunsaker


H. B. Hunsaker


Carlton Culnese


John C. Carlisle


William A. Scholes


C. E. McClellan


The 1st Annual Utah State Agricultural College Coaching School was held in 1927. The originator and director of the school is E. L. Romney, professor of physical education, director of athletics, and head football coach, Utah State Agricultural College. He has directed this school from its beginning and has consistently obtained leading coaches in the United States as instructors. The school was begun by Coach Romney because he felt that high school and college coaches needed to learn, through specialized instruction by outstanding authorities, the latest developments in coaching principal sports. The purpose of the present study is to determine (1) the areas from which coaches come to attend the Utah State Agricultural College Coaching School, (2) whether or not the people attending the 22nd Annual Coaching School at the Utah State Agricultural College attend regularly, (3) to what extent information and material available at the school are used in the coach's own coaching program, (4) if the school is answering the needs of the coaches attending, and (5) whether or not there is any social value in attending the school, (6) a comparison of all Utah State coaching schools, (7) what, if any, instructional methods need to be used more in the instructor's presentation of material. This information should prove valuable (1) as a guide to Directors of Coaching Schools in building their programs for their particular coaching school, (2) to coaches in determining the value of the coaching school.