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Master of Science (MS)


Applied Economics

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George T. Blanch


George T. Blanch


W. P. Thomas


In order for land to best serve the present and future generations it should be put into the use for which it is best adapted. To determine the proper use of land, the factors which influence its use, such as soil, climate, and location, should be studied. Then the land should be classified as to its most economic use, based on these factors. In Cache County there is much work to be done toward a classification of the land. An ideal study; not limited by time nor expense; would include a complete study of all the factors associated with land-use. From this study an economic classification of the land in the county could be made. This present study was very limited as to time and expense. Its scope included only a study of those factors, principally soil and irrigation water, associated with the productivity of cropland. Productivity was defined to be the power of the land to produce crops. The objectives of this study were: (1) to develop a method for determining productivity, adaptable to the cropland in Cache County, Utah, and (2) to collect the necessary data and classify the cropland in Cache county according to productivity.



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