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Master of Science (MS)


Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

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H. B. Hunsaker


H. B. Hunsaker


The almost universal acceptance of physical education as an integral part of education has resulted in state legislation throughout the United States requiring the teaching of physical education in the public schools. Because of this legislation, it has become necessary to better prepare teachers to carry on a worthwile physical education program. Efficient teaching cannot be expected to result from lack of training and inadequate preparation; therefore, the college graduate who holds a degree with no specialized training is not adequately prepared to teach effectively and efficiently in our school systems of today. This study presents the "Teaching Combinations of the Men Physical Education Teachers in the Public High Schools of Utah for the School Year 1945-46." The main problem of this study is to determine the type of teaching combinations used in the high schools of the State of Utah and to ascertain by comparison if the type used is in accord with the opinions of the superintendents and principals of these schools and the directors of physical education teacher training in the colleges of Utah. It is also a problem of this paper to determine what minors would be best for a man majoring in physical education by obtaining the opinions of the superintendents, the principals of the high schools, and the directors of teacher training in the colleges of Utah. Another major problem of this paper is to find out whether some of the men teaching physical education are prepared to teach physical education.