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Master of Science (MS)


Wildland Resources

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William F. Sigler


William F. Sigler


One of the more important forms of recreation in Utah is fishing. Each year since the end of World War II more than 100,000 resident and 4,000 non-resident fishermen have taken to the streams and lakes of this state. They spend approximately $2,200,000 each year in the quest of fish, mostly trout. In 1916, 25,473 licenses were sold, in 1937 the number of licenses had risen to 41,200, in 1945 the sales amounted to 104,000 and in 1947 had increased to nearly 131,000. Because of the increased number of fishermen each year, the desirability of greater numbers of legal-sized fish as correspondingly increased. This study was initiated in March, 1948, and field work began in June. Marking and planning of legal-sized trout was the first phase of the project. As the fishing season opened on June 12, census of creels and of automobiles to determine fisherman numbers began on this date and continued throughout the fishing season. Samples of fish populations in the river were collected and released during one day of each week by the use of an electrical shocking device.