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Master of Science (MS)




D. M. Hamond


At the present time there is a feeling among biologists in Utah that there should be iimprovement in biological science courses and course sequence to better fill the needs of the non technical student. There are many students filling group requirements with an accumulation of courses which may not provide them with the more important fundamental concepts and principles in biology. Information concerning these courses in high schools and colleges in necessary to provide a basis for curriculum revision in the field. Such information should be useful in evaluating the present system and suggesting modifications. Because of the need for this information the present study was undertaken. However, it is not the object of this study to make recommendations about definite curriculum changes. The purpose, rather, is to determine the courses taught, the subject matter of such courses, student registration, and general student achievement in the various biological sciences as offered during the shcool year 1947-48, in the high schools of Utah, and in the lower division of the ten colleges in Utah.