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Master of Science (MS)


Engineering and Technology Education

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Industrial Education

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William E. Mortimer


William E. Mortimer


This study deals with the factors which were responsible for the origin of personnel functions in a selected group of industrial organizations in the State of Utah. Although material is available concerning the factors which affected the establishment of personnel functions in the United States in general, there is little information regarding these factors in any one region. For this reason, an area study should be of value. The purpose of this survey was to study the personnel departments in some of the more highly developed industrial organizations of the state of Utah and determine: (1) the factors responsible for the establishment of personnel functions; (2) when these functions were introduced; and (3) what general conclusions could be drawn regarding the factors affecting the origin of personnel functions in the State of Utah on the basis of this survey and background material. The factors affecting the establishment of personnel functions in a particular region need to be carefully considered because industries tend to cluster within a certain region. If data are available as to what factors affect personnel practices within that particular area, then efforts can be made to encourage and direct the initiation and expansion of the activities which are more important to industries needing these services.