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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


E.A. Jacobsen


It is the purpose of the present study to determine, and, as far as possible, to evaluate in terms of the Cooperative Study of secondary School Standars the following items as found in 5 selected high school libraries in Northern Utah: (1) objectives, (2) library materials, including book collection, periodicals, pamphlets, clippings, bulletines, and visual aids, (3) organization and administration, including finances, library personnel, classification and cataloging, accessibility of the library, and the librarian's responsibilties, (4) selecting of library materials, (5) utilization of the library, (6) housing and equipping the library, and (7) speical characteristics. Since an administrator must know the characteristics of an effectived library, some of the prevailing practcies among the various libraries, and the actual characteristics of the library in question before he can actually carry forth a program of library reconstruction, this study may be of value in focusing attention to the needs of the high school library, and directing the administrator's attention toward current trends, thus aiding the library to assume its proper place in the modern secondary school program.