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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


School of Teacher Education and Leadership


Martha Whitaker


This study examines the transition of a post-secondary correctional education (PSCE) system formerly facilitated by higher education to the current system administered by the State Department of Corrections (SDC). This study used qualitative case study methodology utilizing multiple perspectives from five different stake-holding groups or five socials units: state legislators, county law enforcement personnel, state higher education administrators, SDC personnel, and technical college personnel. A thick, rich description of the transition was obtained by relying on multiple perspectives recorded in interviews of stakeholders in PSCE.
The stakeholders’ perception of this educational transition that changed PSCE in one state was shaped by personal perspectives on issues surrounding the education of the incarcerated. The rhetoric, political machinations, and reality of this transition define stakeholders’ perspectives of the driving forces that initiated the facilitation of PSCE from a Higher Education run system to one run by the SDC.

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