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Master of Science (MS)




Renee V. Galliher


This study was designed to explore maintenance strategies used by religiously affiliated married couples, links between religion and marital quality, and whether maintenance strategies serve a mediating pathway between religion and marital quality. The study included 80 married participants recruited from university courses. Most participants were Caucasian and identified as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Fetzer's religiosity survey assessed various dimensions of religious activity and belief. Marital quality was assessed via measures of commitment and conflict, and marital maintenance strategies included both cognitive and behavioral efforts to remain connected and positive with the spouse. Overall, the sample was highly religious and reported high levels of commitment to their marriages. Strong relationships were observed between religious variables and marital quality, and both religious variables and marital quality demonstrated some relationships with marital maintenance strategies. However, links between religiosity and martial quality were not mediated by the use of specific marital maintenance strategies.

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