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Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural Systems Technology and Education

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Agricultural Economics


Allen LeBaron


The main objectives of the study are to create a linear programming model of the study area in order to estimate changes in benefits when water delivery system losses are assumed to be affected by shifting between rotation, demand and continuous flow management systems,

Approximately 7,000 acres are included in the program model and the estimated potential "gains" or benefits from distribution system loss "savings" due to more efficient delivery range from $6,000 to _ $12,000 per season. This result is influenced by the facts that the - loss estimates are hypothetical and the system studied is in an area where the cropping pattern is not heavily effected by total amounts· of seasonal water available. (The model is not designed to handle weekly or monthly irrigations.)

Twenty or 30 percent reductions in normal expected seasonal water supplies are required to create a 15 percent drop in expected farm income. The model is adaptable to planning situations, especially where new lands or new water engineering works are contemplated.