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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Child Development


Glen A. Christensen


For some time the writer has observed the keen, creative sensitivity with which children respond to their world . She has also observed , however, that many teachers and parents seem to be quite unaware of this sensitivity. An illustration of this lack of awareness is the following experience : One day a nursery school teacher had a painful headache; in fact, it was suggested that she go home for the remainder of the day . Instead of going home , however , she decided to stay , thinking that her headache would soon abate. The teacher was sitting on a chair observing the children, unaware that one child seemed also to be closely observing her . At the conclusion of a ten or fifteen minute period of this mutual observation , the little boy approached the teacher and said , "You don ' t feel well , do you?" The teacher looked astonished but replied ; "Oh yes , I feel all right."



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