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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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Child Development


Dorothy B. Lewis


The study of frustration has been of interest to various people including psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators for a number of years. These people have been interested in frustration because the complexity of our modern life has involved so many frustrating experiences. Frustration has been defined by Dollard (8, p. 7) as "an interference with the occurrence of an instigated goal response at its proper time." Ruch (21, p. 151) defined frustration as "the denial or thwarting by some obstacle which lies between a need and its goal . " These two definitions are in essence identical. The average person has many obstacles which block or thwart his goals daily. Some of these may be insignificant such as missing a bus, while others may be of utmost importance such as losing a job. Missing a bus may be annoying but it may be corrected by catching a later bus. Losing a job may be a very threatening experience which might affect a person's whole attitude toward life.



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