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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development

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Household Economics and Management


Edith Nyman


Self-evaluation in home management and its relationship to achievement motivation was investigated . The discrepancy between student self-evaluation and adviser evaluation was correlated with achievement motivation.

The sample consisted of 33 female students, residents of -the Home Management House during Spring Quarter of the 1968-69 school year and Fall and Winter Quarters of the 1969-70 school year.

The instruments used were: (1) a background questionnaire; (2) Management Resource Scale, and (3) Litwin Decision-Making Test. The statistical test used was the Pearson r (correlation coefficient).

No significant relationship was found between absolute discrepancy between student self-evaluation in home management, and adviser evaluation and achievement motivation. However, when directionality of evaluation-deviation scores was considered, a significant relationship was found at the .05 level. Subjects who received positive evaluation-deviation scores were lower in achievement motivation than were subjects who received negative evaluation-deviation scores.