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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development


Ann M. Berghout Austin


The purpose of this investigation was to develop a demographic profile of current child care providers in 3 selected Western states. Further, this study sought to assess dimensions of professionally in the day to day activities of child care workers.

Utilizing a mailed questionnaire, 226 child care providers in Salt Lake City, Utah; Eugene, Oregon; and Boise, Idaho were surveyed for information on demographics and professional dimensions. Results suggest that the demographic profile created by a cross-sectional sample of child care providers differs markedly from a profile created by a sample based on professional affiliation. Statistical analyses suggest that education significantly effects the professional dimension of knowledge. The data further indicate that the interaction of education and length of employment as a care giver significantly effects the dimension of orientation to the community.

The findings are discussed in relation to the professional status of child care. It was suggested that child care has not yet met the requirements of becoming a profession. Recommendations for enhancing professional status are given.




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