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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development

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C. Jay Skidmore


C. Jay Skidmore


The effects of the Home and Hospital Program upon entry, as contrasted with termination, on the neurotic tendencies and attitudes of pregnant school-age girls were studied using a sample of 25 pregnant junior and senior high school students in the Ogden City School District.

Of the Four areas tested for neuroticism no difference was found between the time of entry and exit from the program. These pregnant girls did not test in the neurotic range and rate above the general population in only one component of neuroticism, "Submissiveness". The other components tested in the average range.

Of the 8 areas on attitudes which were tested there was a difference from unfavorable to favorable attitude change toward school related subjects such as, school personnel, class participation, and preparation, and future educational goals..

The attitudes which seemed not to be affected to any great extent by the Home and Hospital Program were those towards circumstances and persons outside the school, such as , parents, husbands, peers and frustrations.