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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Home Economics and Consumer Education

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Marie Krueger


Marie Krueger


Gerald Adams


The purpose of this study was to assess the impact oi the Young Mothers' Program #2 Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah, and the aspects of the program that were responsible for that impact , upon the lives of the Young Mothers who have attended the program since its existence. This study could possibly serve as a guide in evaluating other programs of this nature, locally and nationally. Knowing the value of a program could help establish it more firmly in the education system.

A questionnaire was mailed to sixty students who had attended Young Mothers' Program #2 for one term or more. The questionnaire covered all aspects of the Young Mothers ' Program.

The information compiled from the returned questionnaire was used for data analysis . Twenty-six items, which represented attitudes of the students toward many aspects of the Young Mothers' Program, were used for data analysis on impact of the program. Factor analysis was used with the data from the 26 items and four factors emerged as significant. They were:

1a. Mother Toddler Care Concerns

2b. Good Teacher- Classroom Atmosphere and Opportunities

3c. Mother Baby Care and School Peer Interaction

4d. Teacher Student Trust Dimension

The data analysis did support the hypothesis that the Young Mothers Program #2 does have a positive "impact on life" on the students who have attended . Factor 1a. (Mother Toddler Care Concerns) indicated that if concern for the toddler was high, then "impact" was low . Factor 2b. (Good Teacher-Classroom Atmosphere and Opportunities) was also significantly high as a predictor of "impact". Factor 3c . (Mother Baby Care and School Peer Interaction), while still above the acceptable level of significance, was not as strong a predicting factor as la. and 2b . Factor 4d . (Teacher -Student Trust Dimension) was significant only if the other factors were present and, therefore , did contribute to the overall "impact on life".

Construct validity was established through factor analysis, while reliability and validity indices were established for each of the four factors . The conclusion of this investigation would suggest , with some additional revisions, the four subscales could be used in further evaluation of Young Mothers Programs.