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Master of Science (MS)


Family Consumer Human Development


C. Jay Skidmore


This study was designed to reveal the self perception of unwed fathers . Ten men participated in the project; nine of them IDre 25 years of age or younger. To measure self perception an instrument was constructed in the form of a questionnaire . Each um18d father was then interviewed to discover his perceptions, particularly as they relate to their common plight of unwed fatherhood.

The men perceived themselves as normal young Americans , and felt their conduct and intentions were in compliance ,nth peer expectations . Some of the subjects responded to the interview ,nth descriptive and detailed accounts while others were either unconcerned or hesitant and replied in fe,[ ,rords . None of the me!1 W

The emergence of a clearer picture of the unwed father , through the attempt to reveal his interests, problems, and concerns , may assist in the development of strategies and programs to prevent illegitimacy and to effectively aid those involved in it . Perhaps this study of the self perception of unwed fathers will be helpful in this regard.