Jerry L. Cook

Date of Award:


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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Randall M. Jones


This study assessed the importance that similar identity style plays in the relationships within recently married couples. To assess the congruency of similar and dissimilar identity style, three postulates were analyzed. These postulates included: (a) Is there a gender difference in reports of marital intimacy? (b) Is similarity of identity style related to marital intimacy? (c) Is there an interaction effect between gender and similarity of identity style in relation to reports of marital intimacy? A sample consisting of 84 couples completed a survey containing questions relevant to identity and marital intimacy. Demographic information was also requested in the survey. Analyses indicate that (a) males generally report greater marital intimacy than females, (b) couples with similar identity style tend to report greater marital intimacy than their dissimilar counterparts, and (c) females' reports of marital intimacy are more influenced (than males) by similarity of identity style.