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Master of Science (MS)


Human Development and Family Studies

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Family and Human Development

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D. Kim Openshaw


D. Kim Openshaw


Ann Austin


Scot Allgood


Dave Fowers


The phenomenon of youthful sexual offending has received increased attention in recent years in the state of Utah. As a result. programs have been developed to treat the sexual offender within residential treatment centers. However. the efficacy of these programs had not been examined prior to the initiation of this project. The success of the programs has been assessed by examining recidivistic activity as measured by post-treatment criminal histories. The results of this study indicate that the sample of clients departing from treatment in Utah in the year 1995 has a recidivism rate of93.2% for sexual criminal behavior, as of December 1996. Additionally, the recidivism rate of nonsexual criminal activity demonstrated by the sample was 63.6% at the same follow-up. This study demonstrates that those subjects who are able to successfully complete treatment before their departure from the programs have lower recidivism rates. Additionally, the participation by the family both during the treatment process. specifically their involvement in collateral therapy, and after treatment. by having the youth return to the family, correlated with subjects not relapsing into recidivistic activity. This information is important for treatment planning. for legislative planning. and for the continued study or the phenomenon of youthful sexual offending.