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Master of Science (MS)


Family, Consumer, and Human Development


Lori Roggman


This study utilized archival data collected from mothers of 82 Head Start children. Relations among the following were examined: a number of parenting strategies taken from the "Home Survey" subscale of the American Guidance Services (AGS) Early Screening Profiles "Home-Health Questionnaire"; parenting stress (the Parenting Stress Index- Short Form or PSI-SF); scores in two dimensions of psychological well-being (the Center for Epidemiological Studies Measure of Depression or CES-D, and the Pearlin Mastery Scale); and the ratings parents gave their children in four domains of competence (the AGS Early Screening Profiles "Self-Help Social Profile"). Data from the AGS measures were collected by the Head Start staff as part of the normal educational process. Data from the other measures were collected by telephone interview as part of the Head Start Family Service Center Evaluation Project (principal investigator, Dr. Lori Roggman). Relations of the ratings of child competence with other variables were explored.