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Master of Science (MS)



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Secondary Education (Mathematics


Ross Allen


A random survey was conducted to determine the academic preparation and background of the public secondary mathematics teachers in the state of Utah.

The survey indicated that there is a wide variance in the teacher mathematics preparation between the three types of public secondary schools. The class B high schools have a smaller percentage of well prepared mathematics teachers than either the class A high schools or the junior high schools.

The following facts were discovered: (1) 22.03 percent of all the surveyed mathematics teachers had between 1 and 15 quarter hours of college mathematics preparation, (2) 5.22 percent had 0 quarter hours of mathematics preparation, (3) 33.33 percent of all the surveyed teachers had 45 or more quarter hours of mathematics preparation, (4) 53.33 percent had completed one year of calculus, (5) 68.41 percent had some formal training in "modern" mathematics, and (6) 43.77 percent had participated in some type of National Science Foundation mathematics institute.

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