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Charles S. Peterson


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The purpose of this thesis is to narrate the history of the Uncompahgre Utes to the time of their removal to Utah territory in 1881. During about three hundred years of Ue-Spanish, Mexican relations, the Uncompahgres were never seriously threatened with subjugation. With the acquisition of the horses and other trade goods from the Spanish, the Uncompahgres developed many traits of the Plains Indians. They ranged over vast areas hunting wile animals, and raiding whites and enemy tribes.

But in less than thirty-three years after the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo which placed all of their domain within the bounds of the United States, the Uncomphgres were not only subjugated by the Americans, but moved off their land. This was done by the United States government prodded into action by land-hungry Coloradoans, through a series of five treaties or agreements. These were the Conejos Treaty in 1863, the treaty of 1868, the San Juan Cession of 1973 the Four-Mile Cession of 1879, and the agreement of 1881. Each of these pacts reduced the Uncompahgres land until it was all taken with the agreement of 1881, and they were removed from colorado to Utah.



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