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The Constitution of the United States brought a “new look” throughout the western world toward the position the American school was to play in the protection of the cherished and newly won freedoms. Congressional action, backed by majority public opinion, legally bound the responsible power of school maintenance and operation over to the state and local governments. It was believed that the first line of defense for the protection of democracy lay in the foundation of good schools, and their activities could be best augmented by the strong support of the family community life cooperatively working for the welfare of a united local, state and national government. This idea coupled with other material controls such as transportation, finance, and other limiting economic factors brought about the desire to establish within walking distance a public school for every child of school age residing within the territorial boundaries of this country. Thus, the district, or ungraded one-teacher school, was born at a time when life was simple, families large, roads new and poor, and when education beyond the simplest rudiments was looked upon aa somewhat of a luxury but still a vital necessity to the development of this, then, “spawning” country. The small school was created to meet an immediate need. It has rendered an inestimable social and scientific contribution to the American way of life. For 200 years its social importance has paralleled that of the church and the home.



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